• America Divided

    America Divided

The mission of the FAIR HOUSING JUSTICE CENTER (FHJC), is to eliminate housing discrimination; promote polices that foster open, accessible, and inclusive communities; and strengthen enforcement of fair housing laws.


Acting for Justice: J.R.’s Story

We all have a responsibility to ensure that housing is open and equally accessible to all. We are called as citizens to make sure that all people are afforded their rights under the law. That is why J.R. works as a tester for the Fair Housing Justice Center’s (FHJC) Acting for Justice program. J.R. first […]

A Place to Call Home: Allison’s Story

Allison didn’t think much about it at the time. It was just a strange comment – one that could easily be meaningless. She had no proof that something was off, at least not yet. Allison and her boyfriend at the time, now husband, were looking for an apartment in Queens. She spent time walking around […]

Opening Acts: April 4, 2017

Bronx Landlord Refuses to Accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers FHJC Testing Investigation Verified Alleged Source of Income Discrimination On April 3, 2017, the Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC) and Rosalba Tejada Gonzalez, a tenant with disabilities who resides with her adult son at a rental building in the Bronx, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme […]

Acting for Justice: K.’s Story

K. is proud to be a native New Yorker. She had always seen New York City as a welcoming place. But when she learned how pervasive housing discrimination was in this city, she jumped on the opportunity to do something about it. K. became a tester in the Fair Housing Justice Center’s (FHJC) Acting for […]

Acting for Justice: L.D.’s Story

It was about eight years ago when L.D.’s boyfriend at the time came home after an exciting job interview. He was so enthusiastic about this opportunity that he had to share it with L.D. The job was to be a tester in the Fair Housing Justice Center’s (FHJC) Acting for Justice program. “This is such […]