Opening Acts: June 19, 2018

FHJC Launches Fair Housing Toolkit


On June 14, 2018, the Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC) released a comprehensive Fair Housing Toolkit as part of the Building the Beloved Community interfaith initiative. The toolkit, created by the FHJC, was designed to empower diverse faith communities to help build the beloved community by advancing fair housing.

The Building the Beloved Community initiative is aimed at harnessing the power of religious communities and faith-based organizations to work towards building the beloved community by advancing fair housing in the New York City region. Building upon the historic role religious leaders and communities have played in advancing civil rights, this initiative focuses on educating religious congregations, communities and organizations across the region about fair housing rights and how to exercise them, and on equipping individuals and communities to advocate for fair housing locally, regionally, and nationally.

FHJC Executive Director Fred Freiberg stated, “When we first thought about how we could engage people of faith to effectively advocate for fair housing through this initiative, we realized that a guide about fair housing, past and present, did not exist. We created this Fair Housing Toolkit to assist diverse faith communities and others to promote fair housing and create more open, welcoming, equitable, and inclusive communities.” This toolkit can be used as an educational resource about our nation’s history of segregation, current fair housing issues, and fair housing rights. The toolkit also identifies 30 Ways to Advance Fair Housing, a list of practical ways that individuals and organizations can advance fair housing in their communities.

The Fair Housing Toolkit is free and publicly available to use and download from the FHJC website. Over the course of the Building the Beloved Community initiative, we will be adding additional tools and resources to aid religious congregations and faith communities in advancing fair housing. The toolkit will also be translated into Spanish and Mandarin by the close of Summer 2018.

You can download the toolkit at www.bbcfairhousing.org/toolkit.