Support FHJC During Fair Housing Month

Fair Housing Month 2021 is nearly over, but there’s still time to commemorate it by making a donation to the Fair Housing Justice Center.
The FHJC has seen a string of successes lately, including the package of state fair housing laws recently passed in Albany, substantial settlements in federal cases involving race and disability discrimination, invitations to provide input and recommendations to other state and federal agencies and fair housing groups seeking to further fair housing, and the successful launch of our new social media ad campaign “Together We Can End Housing Discrimination.”
To continue this fight, we need your help.
Whether you’ve recently had your eyes opened to the crucial role fair housing plays in the movement toward greater equity and social justice, or if you’re already a veteran of the decades-old struggle, the responsibility for ending housing discrimination rests with all of us. Fair Housing Month is the perfect time to “walk the walk” with us.
Click below to support us in our mission to end housing discrimination and create open, accessible, inclusive communities for EVERYONE.
Bernhard Blythe
Board President
Fair Housing Justice Center