2020-2021 Policy Priorities Summary

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NOW IS THE TIME to push for Fair Housing in New York by:

Strengthening Enforcement of Fair Housing Laws

  • Push for Increased Funding for Testing and Fair Housing Enforcement: The monies allocated for enforcement are woefully inadequate. We will advocate to increase local, state and federal funding for testing and other enforcement activities.
  • Advocate for Stronger State Regulation of Real Estate Licensees: Advocate that the NY Department of State (DOS) use its authority to investigate allegations of discrimination by real estate brokers and agents and take appropriate disciplinary action when warranted.
  • Proscribe Deceptive and Unfair Marketing and Screening Practices: The FHJC advocates that New York State, through legislation or regulations, prohibit various deceptive and unfair practices that can have a discriminatory effect.
  • Prohibit Public Agencies from Engaging in Discriminatory Actions: The FHJC urges NY State to ensure public entities are committed to strengthen fair housing laws by amending the Human Rights Law to explicitly prohibit discriminatory action by public agencies. 

Eliminating Housing Discrimination

  • Oppose Changes to the Fair Housing Act Disparate Impact Rule: Proposed changes to HUD’s Disparate Impact Rule would undercut decades of progress and make it greatly more difficult for persons suffering from discrimination to sue under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Push for Enforcement of Accessibility Requirements: The FHJC will continue to push for stronger regulation of adult homes and assisted living programs, as well as all new multifamily housing developments, to ensure that persons with disabilities have full and equal access to housing. 
  • Advocate to Add “Conviction” to NY Human Rights Law: The FHJC advocates adding “conviction record” as a protected characteristic in the State Human Rights Law to prevent housing discrimination that bars the formerly incarcerated from successfully reintegrating into society.
  • Support Co-op Disclosure Law: The FHJC supports enactment of state and local “Co-op Disclosure” laws to require housing cooperatives to provide in writing the reason for rejecting a prospective buyer/renter.

Fostering Open, Accessible and Inclusive Communities

  • Urge NY State and localities to Enact an Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Requirement: As the federal government attempts to roll back the AFFH requirement under the Fair Housing Act, it is vital that NY State and local governments enact their own AFFH laws. 
  • Promote Statewide “Equitable Share” Housing: We support an “Equitable Share” housing plan to ensure affordable housing is developed everywhere by setting minimum target goals in all communities.
  • Push for Creation of a New York State Zoning Appeals Board: The FHJC advocates creation of a Zoning Appeals Board with authority to override local zoning laws that are discriminatory or present a barrier to the development of affordable housing.
  • Expand Housing Mobility Assistance Programs: We support mobility counseling programs to help housing voucher holders access housing opportunities in well-resourced neighborhoods.
  • Link Fair Housing Advocacy to School Integration: The FHJC joins prominent school integration advocates to call for more targeted fair housing enforcement in areas with well-resourced or high-performing schools so that increased housing opportunities are opened to people of color. 
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