Outreach & Education

The Fair Housing Justice Center (FHJC) recognizes that people are empowered to exercise their fair housing rights when they are better informed. Toward that end, the FHJC:

  • Makes presentations on fair housing to civic, religious, educational, and community organizations
  • Publishes and distributes an e-newsletter called Opening Acts
  • Issues news releases about FHJC activities
  • Creates educational and training materials to educate the public and create awareness about fair housing rights and resources
  • Develops training programs and conducts workshops on specific fair housing issues

The FHJC engages in these outreach and educational activities in order to increase public awareness about fair housing rights and to give people tools to better advocate for their fair housing rights. We are happy to tailor our presentations, discussions, or workshops to suit the specific interests and needs of your group or event. If you are interested in learning more about fair housing or gaining access to educational materials for your organization or group, please visit the Resource Section of our website.

If you work in or belong to a civic, faith-based, educational, or community organization and are interested in our fair housing materials, a fair housing presentation, holding a screening of one our films, or are interested in working together on an event or outreach opportunity please contact us at fhjc@fairhousingjustice.org.

For updates on our outreach and educational work, or to be the first to know when we have new resources available please subscribe to our email list.