Guides, Handbooks, Brochures

  • Tips for Home Seekers with Rental Subsidies (2020) English | Español
    Advice on interacting with landlords and others when using program vouchers in rental payments.
  • Fair Housing Guide (2022)
    A resource for professionals who provide housing counseling, search assistance, and other services to people seeking to rent or purchase housing.
  • Fair Housing Laws Factsheet (2019)
    An overview of protected classes, prohibited conduct, and available remedies under fair housing laws.
  • Fair Housing Toolkit (2018)
    An educational tool created by the FHJC that describes our nation’s history of segregation, current fair housing issues, and fair housing rights. The toolkit also identifies ways to become more involved in promoting fair housing. Available in English, Mandarin, and Spanish.
  • Fair Housing and Advertising Fact Sheet (2018)
    Definitions, explanations, and guidelines to ensure responsible, nondiscriminatory advertising for housing.
  • Guide to Auxiliary Aids and Services (2017)
    A complete list of translation services, devices, and practices legally required to be provided for deaf and hard of hearing persons living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Produced in conjunction with the National Association for the Deaf.
  • FHJC Brochure (2017) English | Español
    An overview of FHJC’s mission, programs, activities, history, and impact.
  • Fair Housing Justice Center: Fact Sheet (2016)
    Frequently asked questions about the FHJC.

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Statements, Reports, Policy Papers

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